Internet Marketing-Free Download

Hello my dear reader. I would like to bring to your attention about an experience I had while doing my Internet Marketing for my online business. I needed to download some software to use to do a project.

In doing so I proceeded to the installation process. It didn’t turn out be a clean installation. Why? Because I had an unwanted search browser (toolbar)  and I didn’t want it, it is just that simple! Now what I failed to realize during the installation I was suppose to unchecked the box that asked me to install the toolbar with the rest of the software that I was downloading. Then to find out that the search browser (toolbar) was on all of my default browsers.

Then there was another process that I had to figure out on what to do. That was to go to each of the my default browsers and disable this unwanted toolbar. I use Internet Explore, Firefox, and Google Chrome.  This process was truly time consuming because of me not knowing what to do.  

I will list each browser that had to be disabled:

So as you can see there is much time to getting rid of these unwanted tool bars that were added on when you installed a free download. There was one finale step that I took to finalize this process and that was to do a registry cleaner, to do a defragmenter, to do scan of my computer. Also keep in mind that my computer had to be restarted each time after each step in doing this uninstalling. This part had to take  place in the first steps as well as the final process.

My advice to you  is, to install free downloads for your internet marketing with caution. You will eliminate a lot of time and frustration.

Ann Moses


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