Business Conversation| Can you get a blog title out of it?

Have you heard people tell you that they don’t know what to blog about? Have you had people ask you where do I get a title

for a blog? Have you heard people tell you that they never blogged before and they don’t know nothing about it? Well these are some of the main questions that can be fixed very easily.

I will tell you how I am able to come up with blog titles and how I know I can write about them. I speak with my mentor Terri Pattio, on the phone everyday three to four times a day if not more literally. We will hold a business conversation pertaining to what we are doing to move our business forward. That will consist of a number of various tasks that we have planned out for the day and we will review them with each other. Along with the conversation we will add a little humor, and laugh a bit, we will even cry and pray together.

Having a business conversation can be comprised of a lot of information that needs to be spoken upon with your partner. Plus it a very good way of building a relationship that will carry you through your journey.

So now when you are having conversations with your favorite person think of some of the main subjects that you both touched on. When you do that you can get a blog title out of it. Look at it like this too, it could be one word and that word combined with another one will  end up being a title that other people may need to read about. You will be helping people just by the title of your blog. Usually that is what will peak a persons interest. It never fails!

A business conversation or any kind of conversation that you are plugged into can get you a blog title. All you will need to remember to do is to grab a nugget or two from the conversation and tie it in with other words that will link them together and you will be all set!

Thank you for reading and visiting. If you found this post to be helpful feel free to leave a comment, question or suggestion below this post.

Ann Moses

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©10-24-2012 Ann Moses


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