Facebook-Mobile Marketing

There is no doubt that Facebook is the number one social media site in the world. From my observations over the past few years I have  seen the many changes that Mark Zuckerberg has made to the social media site and he continues to make changes as the sites grows more and more.

The addiction to using Facebook has increasedfacebook logo amongst users today since the early days of Facebook. Reason being is that not only users can do all of their social media  only on a computer but with their mobile device. Mobile marketing has grown drastically. Here are some statistics to show you as to how popular mobile marketing is.

  • 1.08 billion mobile phones are smartphones-you have access to use to smartphone to browse the internet,email, create documents, edit documents and more. They are not just used for traditionally calling and receiving calls. They are even built with their own operating system. (Android, Windows or Apple).
  • In 2011, more people brought smartphones than a computer-users were becoming more aware of the use for a smartphone and having the convenience of  being able to keep up with doing all of their computer tasks right in their hands.
  • There are over Six Billion mobile subscriptions Globally-this means it is world wide.
  • One in seven Searches is done on a mobile device-the use of a mobile device is increasing drastically.
  • 500 Million people use Facebook’s mobile app-the growing use of Facebook’s app is due to the increase of smartphone usage for the ease and convenience to doing all your online tasks.
  • Facebook mobile use is Outgrowing desktop use by 2:1.-This means that desktop users are becoming less used and Facebook mobile use is increasing.
  • The amount of Time Spent on Facebook’s mobile site or mobile app has surpassed the time spent on the actual Facebook site.

I will conclude this information with theses statistics to give you a good ideal as to who are  doing their social networking with their smartphone. Which can include all of their mobile marketing.

59% of people ages 18-34 access social networking sites through their mobile phone.

As mobile devices are growing with mobile marketing, get use to seeing more of it being utilized as technology grows.

Ann Moses

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