Ask Me Why-My Why

First I must start off by saying this: “Due to the passion and excitement that I have for building and creating my empire for my online bMeusiness with my    computer skills, I am positively sure that I can make money in my sleep with my business being on the internet. I have made this statement for quite some time.”

1.) To be and feel successful, confident, and courageous. This will bring its own, the wealth and business growth that I so desire. I can be totally financially free and independent. I need to have the feeling of success in my dream and I need to have and do what I want financially. Rather it is personal or business.

2.) To make an income so that I can provide for all of my needs as well as my children. Not just some of the needs; all of them. Most importantly I need to do all of the above for me. But I must include my children. They have not had a good and easy life thus far but, I did not do anything to make the situation worse. I want to give them the hope and confidence from seeing me succeed.

3.) My children and those I love and care about have the God given right to be happy and to succeed in following their dreams. I want them all to receive that gift from me. I want to add to their life and multiply it. Not subtract from it. I deeply feel that my children deserve to be free from any failures and frustrations that they have had throughout their lifetime. Because I am still here, it is up to me for them to have the freedom they deserve.

These are some of the reasons to ask me why. They are very meaningful to me and I will not stop doing what I am doing to make this amazing dream come true.

My eldest son is 35 years old, he has DREAMS of owning his own restaurant (he is a Gourmet Chef) in an  local upscale restaurant. The  named of his dream restaurant would be “MILK & HONEY”. His dream dining restaurant would be redesigned to cater to the homeless. Each homeless person would have all the amenities of fine dining in his restaurant the same as other folks. In addition to the dining, the restaurant would also double as a place for the less fortunate to gather and fellowship, get ministered to and have an opportunity to find Christ. As you can see, it is very important to me that I be successful, for myself, my children, and my children’s children. I have the great sense of being empowered, real sure of myself, well known, respected, acknowledged, recognized, and most of all just happy! With this being said, all I can do is cry.   In conclusion for the most obvious reason as to why I need my own online business is to elevate my level of income.

As I mentioned before; put more zeros and commas in my earnings, to help expand my awareness to needs of women’s health (menopause). To change my zip code and address then go where I want to go and to buy my dream cars, which are; one a red Jaguar XF and two a red Lexus RX SUV.   This will also give me freedom to provide for myself and for my children? Knowing that my children will see one day I was here and made a difference in their lives and also in the lives of others in this world. I know and believe that I can help to change lives around this globe.

So today I encourage you to ask yourself why you are doing what you are doing. What will you gain from it? When you answer this question with pure honesty then you will be motivated to do what you are doing.

Ann Moses

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