About helping others-Pay it forward

Helping othersYou may often think of how you can help another person. It is some of the small things that you do that will be so rewarding.

You get a great feeling of feeling good about the random act of kindness that you gave to another. About helping others can mean to make their day brighter, making them smile, giving them hope, and you could help them by letting them know you care and that you are there for them.

When you are building your business and building relationships with people, you will remember and you will want to know what you did for them, and it will make a great impact on their life.

Here is a method called “Paying it forward

This is what happens:

This is where you pay for two to join and they do the same.  This works only if ground rules are set up that let the new people know you will replace them if they don’t bring in their two in a set amount of time. If not, human nature kicks in because it offers anyone a free spot and what will they do? Of course… they take it.

They will then do nothing (99.9% of the time).

Everyone concerned will get discouraged and disheartened by doing the method of “Paying it Forward”

In my conclusion it is important to know what method you are going to use when it comes to helping people.  

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Ann Moses


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